Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Day 59 The Presidency

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I have more or less kept my mouth shut about the election. Pretty much because I think both guys are equal on the playing field. Mr. McCain… I respect the fact that he served his country during a time of war, and paid a dear price. I cannot fathom how terrible being a POW was. How tough his life has been personally.
I just don't honestly like his politics.... They call him a maverick to his party. To me that says he is a maverick to the people who would vote for him. Meaning....his party votes one way...he votes the other. I don't want a guy in office who represents a party, a certain way of thinking...but does his own thing all the time. I am not saying I am against freedom of speech or the right to a person sees fit to. I am saying that when you represent the masses. As a politician understand that...your vote isn't or law making ability isn't just your's anymore. I honestly know he understands that concept, but votes how he sees fit anyways. Hence the Maverick. Palin...She has many admirable qualities....getting rid of the kitchen staff in the Governor's mansion in Alaska, doing her own dishes.....GREAT. Her son is serving in the war....I appreciate her family's sacrifice. She appeared on SNL and she has a great sense of humor… She introduced herself to the nation as a hard nosed hockey mom roughing it up with power brokers. She was Mc Cain's sexism card. Honestly, before he made her his running mate…did anyone outside of Alaska know how she voted, how she stood on any issues…or even hear of her before? Well I looked up her previous history for how she has voted. Fairly conservative, partially libertarian. Ah….Could she possibly be John's saving grace….Not this election. Personally, I don't want this to be the last we see of her. In any case, she has definitely peaked my interest.
Mr. Obama…. It doesn't matter now how anyone voted for him…yes or no…..for or against….He is the new President Elect. He is the man. And apparently…he is the BLACK man. I don't say that out of being a racist…but after hearing him say "Today I am proud to be a BLACK American"….It made me a little unhappy. You see…He is just that…but he is also…JUST AN AMERICAN…Like everyone else. Imagine if any politician got up on a pedestal and proclaimed…."Today I am proud to be a WHITE AMERICAN." Instantly they would be ear marked as a RACIST. Mr. Obama is a proud BLACK AMERICAN…and he should be. He is after all the first black president!! That is a major victory for black Americans. Think of how far our country has progressed in the last 45 years…. Since MLK's "I have a dream" speech, Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat and the Woolworth sit in….. That is some major progress…and America should be proud. I am proud.
However….Mr. Obama has some serious thinking to do. He promised a lot to a lot of people. CAN or maybe I should ask…WILL HE LIVE UP TO IT?? During the entire campaign I rarely heard either candidate talk about the important issues….or even more importantly…How do we move forward? I say."WE"….cause that is what it is…their decisions while in office affect the collective WHOLE. It is one thing to say… " I will pull the troops out of Iraq and end this war"…but logistically how exactly does he plan to do it? Considering we are able to put about 15,000 in or out a month right now. Who do we leave behind? Will they be safe? I think we need a battle plan.
How does Mr. Obama plan to "reform the healthcare system?" I am certain it is not as easy as you would think. Clinton tried….and he did help….but still fell short.
And then there is the most important issue…THE US ECONOMY….How will he keep our heads above water? I know I am going to hear people say …"Well George Bush put us there.." " It was the republican's fault….BLAH BLAH BLAH…."….It doesn't matter you assholes….I agree….GW…dug a huge whole…and didn't have a plan of how to fill it back in. It is still Mr. Obama's responsibility to fill it up. For those of you who don't understand what I am saying…it's like George Bush is the starting quarterback at the Super Bowl….It absolutely matters how he played the first half…but Obama is taking over the second…..He has to finish it. He has to be in top shape, have a battle plan…know when and who to take coaching from. This isn't a fucking photo shoot anymore. This isn't he said-she said…I think we are going to see his jovial face deteriorate into something a little more crestfallen as time goes on. The job he has taken on won't be all puppy dogs and sunshine. I think he will do good. Change is a good thing…I believe if he can ride the wave of good hope for a while….We will pull out of this together. The first 2-4 years he will still be riding Mr Bush's coat tail's. Anything good…just might be because Mr. Bush already had it in place….Anything bad…Same deal. Mr. Obama has an enormous amount of pressure to deal with. It isn't just from the American people. The US Economy controls how most of the world's economies prosper. Currently the Democratic Republic of Congo is in turmoil, Sudan is starving…they will be looking towards the US for help. Does he send aid and workers? Does he put a military presence in place… How does he sort this out? He can't turn his back on them…The WORLD IS WATCHING!!
What about the major issues within our own borders? Does anyone care anymore about immigration? Child Homelessness? Taxes? The Dollar vs. Oil? Will Mr. Obama and his cabinet be able to curb the amount of jobs being outsourced to other countries? Social Security? EDUCATION? Gas prices? AIDS? How about making sure our returning soldiers and their families are properly taken care of…..Where will he draw the line? How does he triage our own citizens? Do the most good for the ones he can do the most for? Who will fall by the wayside? Will it be you? Will it be your 80 year old mother who lives in an old folk's trailer park? Will it be your son or daughter? Your next door neighbor? The UPS guy who drops off a package every Friday at your work? Will it mean budget cuts to those who protect and serve? Will you get another $600 check next year just for paying taxes, as an economic stimulas? Will it actually stimulate anything?
I don't envy his undertaking. I do applaud his appeal for change though.
I do fear that if he fails the walls of racism will be built up again. ( I know they are always there..but when was the last time you heard of a public hanging?)
So after all this….. All of my ramblings…. I will say this… I have exercised the right not to VOTE for either candidate.
I didn't hear any of the issues I feel are important spoken of by either candidate to any degree. In my was a presidential election with only one question being offered. Should Americans put the first "black man" in office, or "white woman." I have been utterly disgusted with how Americans…my friends and family included….have acted during the entire election. There will be assholes out there who tell me I have "no say" since I didn't vote for anyone…. I feel that my silence is equally as important


Meg said...

Amen!! Well said!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Sarah Palin run for a place in the Senate.

DocKB1974 said...

I think Palin will be ready in 4 years...maybe 8....I think it is refreshing to see some completely new blood in politics.