Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Day 66 Friends I served with....

TF 1-35 AR Nov 16th 2005....This is the day before we deployed to Iraq... OIF 3. To be honest...not my favorite duty station...but they were a great bunch of guys.

Doc Garza....out with the Marines and ICDC troops.... Doin a lil' house to house I imagine. He is in his 6th month of his second deployment. This guy is one of my heros. aside from the fact that he saved my bacon more than a couple times over the years. He has had a tough life...and always comes out on top..through hard work, determination... He is simply put the bravest person I know.
C. Hochstetler....My HO...Not the best mechanic I have ever known...but if you are down in the dumps at all....This is "the cure".....he has a wonderful sense of humor...and is almost never without a smile. He would run up to me...well anyone really...and give us all a hug.
Docs Andersen and Moura....right after Moura made Seargent. 2 of my best friends in the desert. I miss them everyday. Moura got out....and went back to Puerto Rico with his family. Andersen os also in the same boat as Garza...'cept...Garza re-enlisted...Andersen is in a stop loss.
Taken right after we got back from a field training exercise...or FTX. Doc's Boyd, Appler, myself, and Henley.....


Kari said...

Awww.. Garza!! That is someone we lost touch with. :o)He was at the house a time or 2.