Thursday, 18 September 2008

Day 10 obligatory "Kitten takes a nap" photo

Ahhhhh to be able to sleep as well as Chili. The "Red Baron" as I like to call her for her hunter-killer technique when she is stalking spiders. This incredibly cute kitten has a bipolar side to her...and when she isn't trying to chew on my elbows, or swipe at my tally-wacker when I get out of the shower...she is hunting the most evil evils...The Hobo Spider. The other night at 3 am....she brought me a gift while I was on the XBOX. She came trotting in from presumably the bedroom....stopped near me..and spit out a beast of an arachnid right next to my foot. She began to purr to me, as if to say.."Look dad..I brought you a gift...I love you"... Mr Spider tried in vain to make it to the safety of under the door. Kitty pounced...and proceeded to hold it under her paw...lift up...let it walkan inch..and squish it again. A cruel display of torture in the animal kingdom. When Mr Spider was praying for a swift death...kittty chewed off his back legs. This went on for 15 minutes or so....Finally when the spider was twittling along..she ate him. Purred...and was nap time. She had done her duty for the night. The house was safe