Thursday, 11 September 2008

Day 3...Pic-Ledbetter Beach

Sometimes all anyone has to do is open their front door and find paradise. Some just have to open their eyes.
I, myself am guity of bitching about all the stuff I don't have...or wish I could do. Places I want to go to. Things I wish I could buy. I, myself am guilty of being jealous of things other people have.
Sometimes I, myself get pissed off the lame things I hear people say. How great their home isn't, or how bad their country sucks. And on occasion I hear someone say something like this, and I feel sad for them. Some of them will never know paradise.
When I was a kid i grew up on the edge of it....I never even knew it. I lived in a town that was/is so beautiful...most people only dream of a place like this. A place where in the morning you can take a long strole on the beach, smelling crisp ocean air...watching brown pelicans skimming the surface of the water in search of that perfect catch. At are taking your mountain bike through the Las Padres National Forest, swing off the rope at Red Rock...have a picnic. In the evening....have a few pints at a pub..and hit state street and enjoy a movie at the Arlington Theater.....or just sit in your garden and watch the stars.
Tonight I was just reflecting on my roots...and what I don't have at the moment. Thing is..maybe I should be thinking about what I do have....
Small, nice flat...with wonderful wife.
A frig full of food.
I'm watching awidescreen tv...
I'm not too hot, nor too cold.
I have love.
I have music.
I have an XBOX.
I have my health.
I have family and a great group of friends.
More importantly...
I have someone else's maybe I shouldn't bitch.


Lucky Dragonfly said...

Good blog! ( especially the wonder wife bit xx )