Saturday, 4 October 2008

Day 26 Pete Cuzzo's Magical Mystery Tour

Ok...the Tiger II..this thing was a beast. I was completely amazed at how incredibly huge it is. About 30% bigger than the American Patton Tank or 50% bigger than the Sherman. What a site this must have been to see rumbling at your position in WW2. I would have probably crapped my pants.
The museum was absoluetly the best Tank museum I have ever been to. I have been to a few. The one at Ft Knox doesn't have the variety. The one in Baumholder, Germany had decent variety, but took really shitty care of the vehicle exhibits. Plus this museum has a great replica trech exhibit depicting what life was like for the Doughboys in WW1. Britain obviously takes great pride in their military and preserving it's history.
My wife at the little seaside town of Swanage. It was a fairly wet day. Not too much color. I think people here for the most part hate the rain. I love it myself. In fact I love bad weather....Bad being up for the normal interpretation. bad weather makes great photos....
The day was really cool. I didn't expect the museum..we originally intended to go to Longleet Wild Safari Park. I would have loved that too. Lucy wanted to go to a "Living Rainforest" that is nearby. next time....or maybe this weekend. She loves animals...and would only be fair.
I had a great time on Saturday with her folks and her. I was in dire need of a short trip.