Friday, 17 October 2008

Day 40 part 2.....much to my mother's surprise I have been renamed TACKLEBERRY

We drove so far around the lake, instead circumnavigating the rest...we took a ferry.
The campsite that was too expensive. Good views though.
The other vehicles on the first day...the guy in the Silver Defender was a fucking cocksmoker. A real "my shit doesn't stink, the world revolves around me and my big dick" kind of guy. Needless to say...we parted ways the next morning. (I really wanted to pop this ball licker in the mouth...a nice hard bitch slap would have felt great. Tony the Tiger "GRRRRRREAT!") He could have just been having a bad day...but thinks not.
My bother-in-law....a different kind of FAIRY we came across...(note woman's handbag)
The first night...we all sat around Steve's mate's tent....talkin shit...smokin and jokin.....DRINKING anything put in front of our faces. This was after a very boozy pub visit as well. About halfway through the night, one of the lads said something about how Americans are crap at the MAN sport of drinking.... I felt the need to "REPRESENT!!!!" Needless to say...said Laddy passed the FOOK OUT..about 2 hours before I clambered into the tent with Lucy. I was completely mullered....have no idea what or how much....What I do know is.....Jagerbombs...taste like shit! Contact highs are possible. I get dizzy looking at this photo....and I put those fuckers to bed! That is the fact...JACK!
( Side note...never ever challenge an ex-US Soldier to drinking doesn't matter how long it has been since he had a drink...shear willpower and pride will overcome a built up tolerance and bad teeth any day!)