Sunday, 19 October 2008

Day 42 I love it when it sucks!

Probably the best boots I have ever feet were warm, dry and cozy.
Luce was none too happy at this point. The tent was about 5 minutes from "lift off"...and she had to hurry up and out clothes on, or risk being naked in the middle of a cold wet field.
The wind all but destroyed our campsite...the mud added a bit of humor to everything...I loved it.... Everyone was so miserable, and frustrated.
but in Steve's own words..."Why get uptight? It is what it is." I thought the whole weekend brought us all closer....and we learned we could have a ton of fun together as a family..... It was cool watching Lucy and Steve bonding...She realized he wasn't a geek anymore..he realized she wasn't the "Little pain in the arse".....anymore.
Bon Bon was an absolute trooper on the holiday....I know deep down she would have loved a B & B instead...but she dealt well with whatever the weather tossed at her. I was at home. I truly do "love it when it SUCKS!!!" I sure hope they invite us again sometime. The Landrover Group is a bunch of great and fookin entertaining people. A couple of the guys are like "Monty Python" in the flesh.
Hopefully in the not-so-distant future I will have a Landrover of my own.
We got home at about 8:30.....both cats had been locked in since Thursday night. They both enjoyed leaving us little gifts all over the house.