Sunday, 5 October 2008

Day 27 When I was 18.....

moved out of my dad's house 2 days after the last day of high school. Moved to Ventura, to my bro's house up on Poli St. Didn't have a clue what I was doing...Went to Ventura College....played drums...hung out with girls....really didn't do much of anything productive. I spent alot of time walking on this beach, contemplating my future.... This is now right outside my brother's place....looking towards surfer's point.
Had some crazy times there.
Was in the line up once with my buds Skip and Andy...enjoying the crisp ocean air..waiting for our next ride...When a sealion swam between us. We were used to seeing them all the time. Usually fairly playful....getting into mischief....bumping us from our boards. Barking at us....
Well this one morning... the little guy...swam past us like lightning. Didn't stop to say "hi"...we were fairly puzzled. Well this a point, in hindsight we should have maybe paddled in. We didn't...
Within 30 seconds we were aware of another ominous presence in the water. This dark shape circled. My heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest. SKIPPY being the anti-hero he is...not understanding there is safety in numbers....paddled his happy ass into shore. I was frantically looking around for our new "friend." Andy was more quiet than usual. Not the most helpful thing....We couldn't see the bottom..the water was quiet murky. In California the water is clear as day during most of the year. So we were having some great luck huh? Good day to play the lottery....I should have looked up to sky...would have seen snow too.
So there I am....about 150 ft from shore, bobbing in the water like a flipperless h'oreuve to anything swimming. Well, Andy and I decided to make out way back to shore. Trying to do so without making too much of a splash is difficult. Anyways....we turn around...not the smartest of moves..turning your back on a threat..but considering again what it could be...I didn't think it matter much. That and another set was rolling in...and we thought..we would just ride back in.
Well that was the plan..... and it worked for Andy. Yup...I missed the ride...bad timing. Well I was still freaked out...I put my head on my board.....I knew whatever it was...was just curious. If it was actually here for a of us would have been breakfast already. I continued paddling in. I just stared at the beach. Imagined how good the dry sand was going to feel between my toes. Looking to my right....there was nothing. Looking to my left, I saw a couple dorsal fins in the waves....and then suddenly gray head emerged right in front of me. My heart skipped a beat...and I started to laugh.... DOLPHINS! We freaked out over a couple of dolphins.